eXtropy Digitization and BPR

COVID-19 and the acceleration of Digital Transformation.

In 2020, the world is facing a unique phenomenon, a life changing event for the entire population of the planet, the pandemic of COVID-19. Never has been an event on the planet that affects the entire world population at the same time. The initial result in the current crisis seems to be the sharp increase in the need to use digital sources of communication, remote teamwork, but also the awareness of the so-called digital divide, ie the difference between the existing and the desired degree of maturity of digital transformation.

The transition to the use of digital technology or its next phase (if it is already used significantly), needs careful planning, choice of solutions and careful management of human resources in order to exploit the technology and assimilate the processes through which they will achieve it.

eXtropy can help a company on its path to the use of New Technology, analyzing the existing situation together with the company’s executives, exploring and evaluating the available solutions, proposing roadmaps and implementation methodology as well as helping effectively in the implementation and management of the project.