DIGIHACCP is a State of the Art, Cloud platform on which a modern enterprise can design and execute all the HACCP processes digitally, saving resources, time and money but mainly controlling the real-time successful operation of the workflows

•The conservation and management of HACCP requires resources, generates costs and applies to actual, since there are no online systems to monitor the functions required to reliably meet the needs and workflows required.

•DIGIHACCP aims at the online mapping and control of all workflows and the parameters needed for the daily operation and monitoring.

Benefits of using DIGIHACCP:

* Replacement of the actual with online reporting

*Online Monitoring of the procedures and the successful execution of daily tasks

*Notifications and alerts in any predefined situation or event (e.g. if the temperature of a refrigerator is dropped, if a device is moved, if something is not cleaned in time or if a feed is used with an earlier expiry date)

*Ensures a positive assessment by HACCP inspectors

*Upgrades business readiness, operation, efficiency

*Offers Online control and reporting •Increases corporate value